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​Cankle Liposuction

Cellulite, stomach flab and saggy buttocks are among the several summertime body blues that are often experienced. A more recent body woe, cankles, has also caught the attention of many who look forward to wearing the latest strappy summer sandals.

A common lay term, "cankle" combines the words "calf" and "ankle" to describe thick, swollen or fatty ankles. Cankles do not jeopardize the health of an individual and are therefore considered an aesthetic condition. Treatments such as cankle liposuction have recently become an option in cosmetic clinics, after celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus and Mischa Barton were rumored to have cankles.

Among the variety of cankle treatments recently suggested, some are very effective, while others are merely hype. Certain strengthening exercises are commonly recommended to reduce or eliminate cankles. These suggested exercises, however, are one of the largest misconceptions of cankle cures. In fact, Gold's Gym promoted a fake awareness campaign by naming July "National Cankle Awareness Month" and creating exercise routines to specifically target cankles. Although these specific cardio and fat-burning exercises are ineffective cankle cures, they may still be worthwhile for promoting overall health.

Some individuals strongly believe in a short-term home remedy that involves applying Preparation H to the cankle, then tightly compressing the ankle overnight. This temporary treatment is thought to spot-reduce cankles by lessening the excess water weight that sometimes builds up in the lower leg. But Preparation H is not recommended as a long term treatment option, as it is formulated to relieve hemorrhoids, not cankles. In fact, the manufacturers of Preparation H cream have advised against its use on other areas.

Cankle sufferers have even resorted to wearing FitFlop™ foot gear to minimize cankles by exercising the leg muscles when walking. However, FitFlop™ are another misconceived treatment method. Although this footwear may support a poor arch and strengthen weak ankles, it remains ineffective in treating cankles.

Ankle liposuction of the cankles is the most effective method of removing excess ankle fat. A plastic surgeon uses a relatively fast procedure to slim the ankles by removing fat deposits and any excess skin in the area. In fact, cankle liposuction provides faster and more permanent results than hemorrhoid cream or strengthening exercises. Calf implants are another surgical option for correcting cankle issues. These implants enhance and improve the calf muscles to provide patients with a more appealing sloping contour from calf to ankle, which may minimize thick, fatty ankles.

Cankle liposuction is a worthwhile option if the main cause is excess skin or body fat. If patients are retaining water or are currently pregnant, the cankles may resolve over time without treatment. Schedule an appointment with an experienced plastic surgeon and liposuction specialist in your area to find out more about ankle lipo, and to determine if the procedure is a suitable option. Only a specialist can assess the cause of your and decide if cosmetic treatment will provide the thin ankles you have always desired.

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