Finally, A NON-SURGICAL Bunion Treatment that Works!

Fast - Convenient - Zero Downtime

BunionTox® treats a bunion (hallux valgus) with a precise yet simple injection technique using botulinum toxin commonly known as Botox® used to treat face wrinkles and many other conditions safely. It is performed with little discomfort and zero downtime. Proven published results show pain reduction and reversal in bunion progression without any adverse effects.

You can immediately resume normal activities and desired shoe gear after this 5-10-minute treatment. Follow-up treatments average one year or more to slow progression and prevent the return of pain.

What Causes A Bunion?

A bunion is most often a result of faulty mechanics of the foot that can lead to small intrinsic foot muscle imbalances around the big toe joint.

There are several small muscles that run along either side of your big toe responsible for keeping it in correct alignment. When one muscle becomes weaker than the opposing muscle, the inward pulling forces prevail, and your big toe is pulled inward toward your other toes. This causes the joint at the base of the big toe (the metatarsophalangeal joint or MTP) to jut outward, causing an unsightly bunion that rubs against your shoe.

These forces can progress over time and may even cause your big toe to overlap your other toes causing pain and difficulty walking. The MTP joint can become more swollen and painful, causing changes in how you walk as you compensate to take the pressure off the bunion due to your pain.

What are Treatment Options for Bunions?

Pain from a bunion can be mild, moderate, or severe, and is not necessarily relative to how large the bunion is. Small or mild bunions can be quite painful depending on activity level, making it difficult to walk or engage in shoe-specific recreation or athletics. The skin and deeper tissues around the bunion can become swollen or inflamed.

While there are non-surgical things you can do to make bunions less uncomfortable, such as wearing wider shoes or taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, conservative measures are inconvenient, short-term solutions, and they do not prevent your bunion deformity from getting worse.

In the past, when conservative treatments failed, a surgery known as a bunionectomy which includes cutting and re-aligning the bones of the big toe joint with plates and/or screws was the only treatment option. This typically involves several months of recovery. Until now, there have been no other effective options. The BunionTox® procedure is a game changer!

Finally, A NON-SURGICAL Bunion Treatment that Works!

Fast - Convenient - Zero Downtime

BunionTox® offers a minimally invasive non-surgical treatment for bunions that removes the discomfort, inconvenience, and long recovery time associated with surgery.

Several recent independent studies, all of which utilized Dr. Radovic’s patented innovation with his permission, have shown that BunionTox® treatments can not only relieve bunion pain but also slow or stop the progression of the bunion and in many cases, reverse the deformity!

Most importantly, unlike bunion surgery, this new in-office treatment has zero downtime so that you can wear your regular shoes and go back to your routine right away.

Frequently Ask Questions


By temporarily weakening the bunion deforming muscles with Botox, the opposing weaker muscles can gradually increase their advantage and progressively reduce the deformity. The procedure can also reduce swelling and pain.



The procedure can reduce pain for 6-12 months or longer. Additionally, the progression of the bunion can be slowed, and in many cases reversed.


For the mild to moderate bunion, yes for a year or more. However, the BunionTox® procedure is not a replacement for a successful permanent surgical correction. It is not recommended for a large or arthritic bunion deformity. It is however the only viable alternative to surgery that can reduce the pain and slow the inevitable progression of a painful mild to moderate bunion.

This is great news for people suffering from bunion pain who want to avoid surgery and lengthy recovery period or put off a surgery to a more convenient time.

IS BunionTox® SAFE?

It has been performed on hundreds of patients safely.

BunionTox® has an excellent safety profile proven in an FDA-approved phase 2 clinical trial with over 180 patients. Many who had repeat treatment. There have been no adverse effects or complications reported in any patient around the world. It is safe and can be repeated every four to six months if needed.

Just like many of the conditions treated with Botox over the last several decades like face wrinkles. BunionTox® is not an FDA approved procedure and is considered an “off label” use of Botox.


The procedure is not yet covered by insurance and the cost of the materials is not inexpensive. The charge is currently $1495.



Schedule a consultation with Dr, Radovic and he will be able to determine if you are a candidate for BunionTox™.

This can be done via telemedicine if you can provide us with your weight-bearing foot x-rays.

If you are not a candidate, he will recommend a treatment plan for your specific condition.

Where Can I Get the Treatment?

Dr. Radovic is the inventor of the BunionTox® procedure and is the only person qualified and able to offer it at this time*. His patients come from all over the world.

If you have been suffering from bunion pain and are looking for long-term pain relief that does not involve surgery, call for a consultation with Dr. Radovic to find out if you are a candidate for this revolutionary non-surgical bunion treatment.

* A reference of BunionTox qualified clinicians is currently in development. BEWARE OF UNAUTHORIZED promotion of copycat BunionTox® like procedures by UNQUALIFIED persons resulting in poor outcomes due to inexperience, ineffective dosing, inferior medication, and poor patient screening.

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