Sports Medicine

Baseball Injuries to the Foot and Ankle

Playing baseball can greatly strain on the feet and ankles. Baseball athletes should be aware of ankle sprains, overuse, contusions and proper cleats.

Running, fielding balls, stepping or sliding into bases all pose te risk of possible ankle sprains. Dr. Radovic should evaluate sprains to determine the severity of injury, including possible peroneal tendon injuries or fractures. The treatment plan, developed by Dr. Radovic, should be followed to fully treat and rehabilitate an ankle sprain, and prevent chronic ankle instability or recurrent sprains.

Excessive training or overuse may lead some athletes to developing Achilles tendinopathy. Heel pain, often in the form of plantar fasciitis or calcaneal apophysitis, may present in children and adolescents.

Contusions may result from impact with the ball or other players.

Improperly fitted cleats may cause pain in the forefoot and aggravate neuromas, sesamoids, bunions and hammertoes. To prevent these challenges, make sure your cleats fit properly and have injuries evaluated by Dr. Radovic.

Sports Medicine
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