When It Comes to Your Foot & Ankle Care...

Experience counts! And so does credibility...

  • Thirty years of foot and ankle care in South Orange County.
  • Triple Board Certification*
  • Professorship designations at multiple Colleges
  • Residency/Fellowship Founder/Director for over 20 years
  • Multiple peer-reviewed publications over the last 30 years
  • Internationally patented scientific innovator/inventor
  • Thousands of successful standard of care foot and ankle surgeries
  • Unsolicited, and unmanufactured volume of patient reviews

Featured Treatments!

BunionTox® treats a bunion (hallux valgus) with a precise yet simple injection technique using botulinum toxin commonly known as Botox® used to treat face wrinkles and many other conditions safely. It is performed with little discomfort and zero downtime. Proven published results show pain reduction and reversal in bunion progression without any adverse effects.

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While surgery is the standard treatment for many foot and ankle pain disorders, surgery can result in undesirable side effects such as scarring, delayed healing, nerve entrapment, and infection as well as several weeks or months of downtime while the patient heals. Until recently, surgery was the only option to treat certain cases of foot, Achilles, tendon and heel pain.

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Dr. Philip Radovic is a triple board certified podiatrist serving Orange County, CA for thirty years. He specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the foot and ankle. Dr. Radovic's training and experience as a podiatric physician and surgeon, professor and educator is unsurpassed. Patients can expect the most proven and advanced foot and ankle treatment techniques available.

Dr. Radovic specializes in revision of prior foot surgeries, Advanced Bunion Surgery, Non-Incision, Non-Surgical Heel Pain Treatment, Ankle Arthroscopy, and Endoscopic Heel Surgery, as well as general foot/ankle care and complex surgery. He takes pride in his success addressing the most difficult cases. Additionally, we offer custom fitting and modification of Bio-Mechanical Orthotic Shoe Inserts and podiatric sports medicine services which include ground breaking combination Radial and Focused ESWT/Soundwave treatment. Dr. Radovic can help you take the necessary steps to remain injury free during athletic activities.

Dr. Radovic is available  for telemedicine appointments

for ALL California patients.

Recent Patient Reviews

I have been a patient of Dr. Radovic for almost 30 years. I originally went to him for calluses on my feet. I was on my feet all day at my job. Over the years Dr. Radovic has performed 3 surgeries on my feet. He has also treated me for ankle and feet problems. But the proof of Dr Radovic’s sincerity was when I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I went to my regular doctor who only gave me an antibiotic prescription. No one knew what I had--only a big red line in a vein in my leg and a huge infection on a toe. I called Dr. Radovic’s office, asked if I could get an appt ASAP. He looked at the infection and had me
admitted to a hospital and placed on IV antibiotics. After 3 days, blood work came back that I had a brown recluse spider bite. His proactive response saved me from a lot worse outcome of waiting a few days as the other Dr. had wanted to do. Dr. Radovic is thorough, kind, patient, and explains everything
he does. I highly recommend Dr. Radovic.

Michael D.

San Clemente, CA

My entire experience with Dr. Radovic and staff was A+!!! From my initial consolation to 1-year post surgery. My foot has never felt better. I had bunion surgery and an osteotomy, and Dr Radovic was very knowledgeable and experienced to know exactly how to fix the problem by surgery and make the pain
go away. His staff was very helpful which made the whole financial part of it a breeze. Thanks so much
to Dr Radovic!!! Great person!

As always, I was impressed with Dr. Radovic’s knowledge, professionalism, and the caring manner in which he treats his patients.

Gretchen S.

San Clemente, CA

* Diplomate ABFAS/foot surgery, Diplomate ABFAS/reconstructive/rearfoot/ankle surgery, Diplomate ABFAOM, Fellow AAPSM, Fellow ACFAOM